Firesonic meets

Since 20th of May in 2004 firesonic is on the road to meet Cheerleaders, Players Coaches and more from NFL Europe, NFL, GFL, ELF, or some well known People who was known as guys from other sports or people who was popular on TV. As a supporter of the former NFL Europe Team Rhein Fire he was named "firesonic". Because it is a "Sonic the Hedgehog™" under the NFL Minihelmets
So he meets very often cheerleaders of NFL Europe between 2004-2007. between 2007 and 2022 he was really quiet, because of the cancellation of NFL Europe. In 2023 he was reborn as firesonic, because the rhein fire was joining the european league of football in 2022. So he is back! Meeting the new Pyromaniacs. Hea also meets some cheerleaders of the NFL in 2023: So its happened on 14th of October 2023 he became "Ravens Sonic": he was joining the Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders in London / UK for the Ravens vs. Titans NFL International Game at Tottenham Stadium. He also meets some NFL Cheerleaders and Mascots in Downtown Frankfurt for the NFL Frankfurt Games in 2023. 

firesonic meets Rhein Fire Pyromaniacs Cheerleaders in 2023

Dusiburg Schauinslandreisen Arena

the most people knows him as 

and sometimes he became: 

Ravens Sonic meets Baltimore Ravens Cheerleaders 2023

London City @ Counting House

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